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Written by Peter   

We started in Jamaica at the Hedonism resort, It is an adult swingers resort and we were there for 2 weeks, actually we were to stay at sister resort for second week but changed because i was having so much fun. After a few days there this great looking Latino boy was chasing me all over so hubby let me have him while he watched. I enjoyed it a lot. next day the whole resort knew what had happened and my life changed forever.

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I was laying on the nude beach when this big black stud who worked there came over and started chatting. He took off his shorts and laid down beside me with that gorgeous cock laying down in front of me in a sweet semi hard arc. I was totally awestruck. He made sure to mention that he would be dancing at the floor show tonight in the main pavilion. I should make sure to be there. He just smiled as I squirmed, when hubby came by he smirked as i introduced him. I was sure he knew all about last night! Later in our room we were getting dressed up for the theme night which was toga night, I made a little toga that was so sexy (nothing underneath but me) when i showed hubby he was shocked but he was excited too because he knew that this would be another wild night.

They had a toga contest and I won! One of the black girls who worked there made sure i was seated at the edge of the dance floor for the show. Wow the big bull went straight for me and teased me for what seemed forever with his big cock inches from my face. I glanced at hubby and he was taking pics with a very excited look on his face! The two black girls were looking directly at me with that look ( You are going to get fucked by our best stud girl ) He left no doubt in everybodies minds that I was his choice. I was so hot for him and i didn't care if everbody knew it! We went straight to the resort disco after the show and i had a few drinks and hubby was making many trips to the washroom to snort more coke ( He was wired ).

Soon my big black bull came in with the short haired black girl who had positioned me for the dance show. They came straight over to our table. The girl ran interference on hubby while my bull came right after me. He quickly was in very close and he had his big hands all over me! I looked over at hubby and he knew I was really enjoying it! We both knew then that i was going to be his tonight. He took me out for a slow dance and in front of everybody he had his big cock pressed into me and he had my toga open so everybody could see, I was totally his slut now, the black girl just laughed and left hubby to watch, he was totally subbed. When we went back to the table my bull had his arm around me and I stayed with him on the other side of the booth. He slipped my hand under the table and into his loose shorts, i smiled at hubby so sweetly while I kept gently playing with that big stud's lovely cock. Hubby knew it too. I was really liking this way too much! My bull was steadly leaning in on my ear and telling me how much i was going to love his big niggah cock, etc. hubby heard more than a little of it too. we walked out of the disco and back to our room without even speaking to hubby.

He made sure to leave the door partially open. I was totallyhis new white ho! I didn't even notice hubby come in. I first noticed hubby right after I finished a long slow cock worship blowjob by gently milking that big stud cock almost dry with a gentle lower lip massage. I could hear him teasing hubby about how much I loved his black cock. It was too true! Soon he was hard again and he seemed to take hours to fuck me into a total stupor. I remember him calling me all sorts of names and teasing/humiliating me while I seemed to come nonstop. I was totally insane! The fact that hubby watched made it way more exciting! He finished by pumping another big load into my stretched little pussy and telling hubby that i was now his white ho for as long as we were in his country! He would be back for me later. He smirked at hubby while he left. I was left on my back with my pussy gaping open and come all over me.

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Hubby was quickly beside me. I couldn't resist teasing him about how much I loved being a total ho for this big black bull! He was kissing me all over while I continued describing what it felt like to get that big cock so deep in me, soon he was kissing my tummy and it seemed only right to guide him down for a good look at my gaping stretched out cunt. I pulled his head into my full cunt and told him to clean me. I continued to order him to eat up all that niggah stud's come. He moaned and gave me a gentle tongue bath. I felt him cleaning deep in me and I had a massive orgasm while he kept going till i was spotless! We fell asleep and we were woken at 10 next morning by a visit by my big bull! He walked in with a work passkey, ordered hubby out of bed and quickly was in me. He soon came and just pulled out quick and left with a see you later! Hubby was totally cucked right then and there. This bull had done this many times before and I was now totally into this new role. I was at his call for the rest of our trip and I even found myself helping him break in this lovely blonde newlywed who had been interested and a bit jealous of me for a few days.

On lingerie night her hubby had too much booze and she came back alone to the disco. I saw the look my bull gave her and quickly steered her over to our table, i made sure she knew that he was free to be with her. I hid them from view while he moved in on her, soon i could see her arching while he played with her. i loved how pleased he was with his new girl and i was totally excited to get to watch my bull take her back to my room. Hubby was not allowed in but I got to see her get turned into a submissive young ho for his pleasure. I found a new bull as soon as I got home.

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